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Written by Janet Mendenhall - Valley View Friendship House

A Bump in the Road

Abilene’s roads aren’t the smoothest. In fact, the roads in North Abilene where I live are just plain bumpy. We have been a one-car family for the last year and a half, and because my routine and schedule are more flexible, I am the family’s driver, which means I spend a good bit of my days on Abilene’s bumpy roads. Our one car is a 2000 Honda Odyssey minivan with close to 250, 000 miles on it. It has had just about everything repaired on it at one time or another, except for the things which have recently broken or quit working, but have yet to be repaired. In addition to finding the extra dollars to patch up the van, finding just the right time in the week’s schedule to take it in to the shop can be tricky. At any rate, it has had enough bumps and bruises that it does not handle well...