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Written by Aaron Shaver - Community Coordinator

No Need Among You 2017

October is always a busy month. My theory is that everyone gets settled into their schoolyear routines, but the holidays haven’t hit yet, so that’s when everyone and their dogs plan events. A similar thing happens in April, come to the think of it. Janet and I wrapped up the busy month of October with a visit to Houston. While many were in town for Harvey relief or to gear up for the World Series, we went for the No Need Among You conference put on by the Texas Christian Community Development Network.

This was my third NNAY conference, and by now, I’m starting to notice some common refrains that I’d like to share.

1. No one has this completely figured out. There’s a reason that nearly 600 people come to these conferences for advice and encouragement every year: it’s hard.
2. We have inherited some unhealthy practices...