Caring Team

Caring people exist in every corner of our city, though we may not always be visible to one another. We all have the ability to care and the need to be cared for…the question is, how do we show it? Random acts of kindness are a positive step, but they only partially communicate love and often serve a one-time need. If we really want to share the nature of God’s love in this world, we must become more intentional. How much better would life be for everyone if we joined our caring efforts?

“Loving your neighbor” is a call to purposeful action! As we invest time in our relationships, we can discover the diverse gifts each community member brings to the table. We may not all care about the same things, but we all care about something.

CCC’s Caring Team is a strategy to identify caring people in our community and to connect them with one another. Hundreds of individuals, families, businesses, churches, nonprofit organizations, neighborhood groups, and others have joined the Caring Team and are working together to raise the visibility of a caring culture and to improve the quality of life in Abilene.

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