CCC is pleased to have sponsoring partners who care about our community and are dedicated to its neighborhoods, families, and residents. We are very grateful for the generosity of the following sponsors whose support makes it possible for us to carry out our mission and to renew neighbor relationships in the College Heights neighborhood and throughout Abilene.

Funding Partners

As a nonprofit organization, Connecting Caring Communities depends on the financial support and encouragement of local businesses, foundations, and other organizations. Our funding partners make it possible for us to serve Abilene as community connectors building a better Abilene.

Good Neighbor Society

Individual donors are a vital source of funding for Connecting Caring Communities. We are often humbled and always encouraged by the generosity of the many donors from Abilene and beyond who have partnered with us on our journey of community renewal. Individual donations to CCC help cover our basic operational needs, unless otherwise specified by the donor.

The Good Neighbor Society is a group of dedicated donors who have pledged significant leading gifts and have encouraged us in our efforts to provide a stable future for CCC.

Richard & Alice Bull

Don & Mary McLeod

Rob & Linda Carleton

New Hope Church

Bud & Lynn Darby

Dr. Curt & Deborah Niccum

Marcus & Ruth Driggers

Susan Pigeon

Bob Eagle

Drs. Kelly & Susan Pigott

Samuel & Norma Garcia

Judson Powell

Bart & Laura Herridge

Jack & Becky Rentz

Gary & Vicki House

Cheryl Sawyers

Melody Hunt

Terri Scott

Lynn & Dottie Ingalsbe

Edward Smith

Tammy Kister

Rob & Suzanne Starr

Tim & Regina Lancaster

Tim & Andrea Thyne

Ken & Diane Leggett

Susan Wade

Pete & Doris Linch

Jack & Tammy Wylie