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Written by Megan Tolle - Neighbor to Neighbor Network

“…because the truth is, we need each other.”

“…and although my life is rich with many things, I think about you because I miss the village.” - I Miss the Village, by Bunmi Laditan

Click here to read Laditan’s article I Miss the Village.

What does “the village” mean to you? What does it look like? Is it something of the past or is it something we’ve yet to create?

While Laditan’s “village of mothers” may seem idealistic or even outdated to some, she paints a powerful picture of what our lives can look like when we live in relationship with one another.

Male or female, married or single, parent or not, as Laditan says, “the truth is, we need each other.”

Here are a few quotes from Laditan’s article to think about...


Neighbor to Neighbor Network

Having neighbors nearby can give us a sense of community. Knowing our neighbors and sharing in their lives creates the kind of abundant community God desires for us. Isolation, fear and loneliness are all reflective of a broken world seeking to regain connection. So how do we shift from living on a street of strangers to building a community of friends? It can start with a simple hello.

At CCC, we believe every neighbor is a valuable part of our city with gifts and talents to share. We often assume that our neighbor relationships will simply take care of themselves. But as with anything worthwhile, we must nurture these relationships in order for them to grow. Opportunities to interact with our neighbors are not hard to find; we just need to take them! Whether you are meeting someone new on your street or organizing a block party, the steps you take toward building a better community are never wasted.

CCC’s Neighbor to Neighbor Network (N2N) is an open network of Abilene residents partnering with CCC and the Abilene Police Department as they get to know their neighbors and build a stronger sense of community on the block where they live. When someone joins the Neighbor to Neighbor Network, he/she enters into a partnership with CCC, the Abilene Police Department, and other N2N members as we collectively work to build a stronger sense of community and cooperation by getting to know the neighbors on our block. You may wonder: Why would I need help getting to know my own neighbors? We find that many people miss out on great neighbor relationships for different reasons: embarrassment, fear, misconceptions about neighbors, or they are simply unsure of how to begin. This is when a partnership with CCC and APD is helpful. Following an initial training, we provide ongoing support through education, crime reduction strategies tailored for your neighborhood, encouragement, and ideas for building strong and lasting neighbor connections.

The way you build relationships on your block may be different from what other N2N members have done…and that’s great! We value diversity and the unique ways you may find to connect with your neighbors. The beauty of the N2N Network is that your shared ideas (your successes AND your failures) may help someone else!

Learn more about becoming a part of CCC’s Neighbor to Neighbor Network! Call the CCC office at 325-232-8241 or e-mail us at

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